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martes, 29 de mayo de 2007

Problema con Magellan Mobile Mapper CE

Estoy buscando información acerca de este GPS para mapeo y me encuentro con esta opinión muy desfavorable. Para que tomemos nota de lo mal que andan algunas casa distribuidoras y el pésimo soporte de sus productos. Lo que más me sorprende es que sigan usando Windows CE para ciertas cosas, cuando el Mobile está muy maduro. En Costa Rica lo vende GPS Satélite a precios muy altos a mi gusto.
"My MMCE experience has been a nightmare.

Bought first unit about a year ago. Bad processor. Thales/Magellan tech support sent me on wild goose chase looking for problems with ArcPad. Was not a problem with ArcPad. Was problem with MMCE processor. Lost a whole week or more of self-employment income on wild good chase trying to resolve problem. Had to sent unit back at my own expense.

Thales/Magellan sent replacement, second unit. Same problem. Had to send it back, too.

Thales/Magellan sent replacement, third unit. But the replacement they sent me appeared to be a used unit, not new. Also, the unit had a faulty on/off switch. Had to send it back, too.

After I insisted and went to battle with them, Thales/Magellan sent replacement, fourth unit. But in retaliation, Thales/Magellan cut off my tech support. Also, it turned out that the replacement they sent has a problem with the touch screen.

This unit is also just about useless as a PDA. It's a CE.net unit, NOT Windows Mobile. Try getting off the shelf software for CE.net.

I deeply regret having bought this unit. Dealing with these problems has cost me untold time and self-employment income.

When I am able, I'll probably buy a Trimble GeoXT."

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